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Default Re: Ready for something other than Windows

I meant what is out now is crap.

Everyone who has used it hated it.
Wrong. I've used it and for what it is, I like it. A lot.

It's not MEANT to be a fully fledged Ubuntu / Debian / Windows replacement, it's meant to be a cloud based OS that boots up in under 7 seconds and stores everything online. It does that, and it does it very well. Sure, there is more that could be added and it's not really worth using mainstream yet. But taking into account it's a very early dev preview of a full cloud OS, it's very good indeed.

The version that is out now is utterly useless without internet connectivity
...and that's the way it was designed. The final release will most likely be fairly useless without internet connectivity as well! At least unless they extend gears so it covers Google docs / apps offline.

It's a bit like shouting a land rover down because it can't go as fast as, say a VXR bought for around the same price. You can't compare them like for like in the slightest.

Ubuntu really isn't bad for what it is. You will most likely encounter problems and you will have to solve them if you do, but that's just part and parcel of using linux. If you're looking for something that does everything for you without any fiddling other than windows then you may be out of luck I'm afraid...
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