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Default Looking for a mouse :)

Is this where accessories go?
If they do, I have $50, I mean literally $50 max.
I got a rebate and that is all I have to blow.
I need both a new keyboard and a new mouse, though I feel a mouse is more beneficial. I play COD
So first should I get a mouse or keyboard, I feel a mouse will better, I am open-minded though
Plus if so I have $50 MAX to spend, plus shipping plus everything.
I am looking for something comfortable and that works well, looks are a bonus.
That's all I want.
If it's possible I would like to mouse to have a blue lighting, NOT NECESSARY at all, but it would be nice to fit my lighting
I can't seem to find a good selection at Newegg, am I looking in the wrong place?
It doesn't have to be exactly $50, it can only be less. If anything I'll throw in a mouse pad if I still have some money left
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