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Default Re: Video-Out questions.

Originally Posted by Remeniz View Post
That graphics card has DVI-I outputs so your gonna need a DVI to VGA converter/cable.

You could connect the TV via the DVI-I connectors or the S-Video connector. Depends on the input connections on the said TV.
See, I just pulled this card out of my dad's computer..

I'll ask him if he still has the drivers, S-Video cable, or DVI to VGA converter,... and if he has any anti-static bags!!!!!

I would probably just hook it up to a huge TV if I could, which is down in my basement. It isn't HDTV, just big and flat-panel-ish. Would that work? It has the yellow-white-red cables in the back...

Would the sound come out that way, too?

I'll ask my dad if he has any of that stuff still...
$.99 converter?
:) Need a builder!
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