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Default Re: Making a computer.

Originally Posted by allendale2008 View Post

creating motherboards, cpu's, ram sticks, hard drives, gpu's, and even the basic power supplies require years of training and study in fields of electrical and computer engineering. Then to actually physcially create each piece of hardware will require further study in polymers and mechanical.

It usually requires a team specialists and factory equipment and standards to put together the modern home computer.
Wasnt the first Apple computer made by a bunch of college dropouts?
Anyways, Im not doing this alone.
And Like I said, I know the things I am about to encounter.
You are such a good friend that if you and me were the last two people trapped on a sinking boat with only 1 life vest left, i would remember and pray for you every day.
Funny how Communism is so bad in Politics but so good with software!
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