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Default Re: Random Chit Chat

Originally Posted by vampist View Post
Oh sorry, what I meant by "replay" was the standard coaxial.
I would think it would not matter much as long as you didn't split the signal many times. Of course I am in no way a cable guy.
Cable quality matters to a certain extent, like I've said earlier. For short distances (3'-12') the quality of the cable can be negligible, but for longer distances (20'-50') the shielding of the cable really has an effect on the signal quality. Improperly shielded cables can result in a multitude of picture problems.

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
Very true. But I prefer digital for that reason- you know if it's not perfect.
Analog signals (component, VGA) are much easier to work with for longer distances, simply because you can easily carry a signal over a 50' cable. You'd be hard pressed to do that with a digital signal (HDMI, DVI) without an amplifier or some other sort of signal distribution.
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