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Default Re: improve the ipad

Originally Posted by Äߧż∩†H♠H䡀 View Post
This thread is for all of you that say this is garbage and doesn't have a "real" market etc. This thread is dated back from 2001 when the original iPod was released.
that thread was populated mostly by people who didn't have an MP3 player, people who just had aCD player, and CD's were enough.
I didn't have a hard drive based MP3 player, I had a friend who did have one, (one of the early ones built around a computer sized HDD).
I had another friend who had one with storage on flash cards, I had a CD player that played MP3 on CD's, all of us that had devices trying to be something as good as the Ipod, wanted the ipod.
all those who were happy with their CD players, and only being able to select from a handful of runes at any one time couldn't see the point.

for my part, the first time I used a tablet PC was also around 2002/2003 at the time it was a bit big and clunky, (because it was really only a normal laptop with a pivoting screen, which frankly failed at being a tablet, and failed at being a PC, but straight away, for a professional, (and at the time I was a student), I could immediately see many uses for this device, reading books, performing floor walks and audits etc -because you can take your notes and put them straight onto a PC straight into documentation rather than having to type out notes.

10 to 1 say if somebody bookmarks this thread in 5 years the iPad will be extremely popular and most people will have one.
this thread is about the shortcomings, if in 5 years the ipod still doesn't have any way to interface with external devices, has no mass storage support, has no flash support then it'll still be limited, not unpopular, but limited.

I also get a bit annoyed when apple act like they are undoubtedly the best at everything. "This is the BEST at browsing the web." Err... not for viewing a flash based site it won't be. Yes apple, I hate flash too. Yes, I think it should be abolished from the internet as well. But the fact is it's not - and as such it seems they've created the ipad for the place they want the internet to be tomorrow, not what it actually is today It's not the best. It's just different. Claim what you like - most intuitive, most pleasing, I don't care. But claiming a device that doesn't support flash offers the best browsing experience money can buy is plain wrong as far as I'm concerned..
indeed, and in britain at least apple aren't allowed to run their ads that say that the iphone allows you to reach "every part of the internet" because it doesn't, so our trading standards told apple that they couldn't say that as it was untrue and misleading.

people are creating problems to try and apply this thing to. I'm fine using a laptop to show people photos. I'm fine using a netbook for a bit of internet browsing here and there. I'm fine using my existing email client, and I bet I'm a damn site more productive on thunderbird with sorting out my email!
I think that this is the same as the ipod arguement as above, some people are happy with a personal CD player, and carrying around their entire CD collection, (or parts of it). others, (like me) aren't...

some people are fine to carry about a phone, a music player, a PDA, a camera, etc. others want a convergence device that vaguely checks all the boxes and allows you to do these things.
whilst I may take notes, listen to music, stream radio, or write documents whilst on the bus on my iphone the question is will it ever replace my stereo, -no.
will it replace my CD player -no.
will it replace the built in MP3 player I have in my car -no
will it replace my laptop for writing documents -no
will it replace my laptop for browsing the internet -no.
will it replace my proper digital camera -no (though as it happens I don't actually have one anyway at the moment).
will it replace my TV -no.

but is it a good interim measure if I'm away from my stereo? is it good enough to browse websites on whilst I'm on a bus, or a train, or just can't be bothered to get my laptop out in an evening? is it good enough to watch videos on whilst I'm on the move... yes, it checks all the boxes as a device that I can just use as and when I'm either too lazy to get a proper laptop out, or frankly don't have enough pocket space to carry around proper devices to provide a dedicated device...

and i think that's a problem for the ipad, it's not pocket sized and portable, you're still going to have to get it out and turn it on, to do these tasks... and if you;re getting out an turning on a ipad, why not a regular laptop?

the ipad is never going to sit between net book and phone. it needs to replace net books, sitting between desktop/full sized laptop and phone.

"we're the best, this is the best, netbooks are crap and everyone else is wrong, use this."
Realistically, net books are crap though. they don't replace phones, the don't replace PCs, they are underpowered, have limited expandability (if any). you can't just have a net book, and completely replace your PC and till expect to get the same kind of use.
(I.e you can't own a net book on its own).
you ideally have to complement a net book with a PC for when you get sick and tired of using a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard.

I honestly think it'll all come down to whether people are clued up enough to realise that the ipad definitely isn't the be all and end all of the tablet world.
that's the question, and as I tried to say above, the constant onslaught of apple marketing is going to try to make that decision as hard as possible...

Originally Posted by foothead View Post
I can. Eye strain caused by the LCD. Its really bad if you are just reading for hours trying to go to sleep like I do.
I regularly use my PC to read for ages, and have regularly started using my iphone to read websites and PDF books. generally I find that if I turn down the back light a bit then eye strain is almost eliminated.

It seems like for the ipad though, apple has switched from being "it's cool, it's new, it's different and it's innovative, try it!"
and that's probably their biggest mistake.
Apple make cool stuff, that's their biggest selling point.

there is little to no difference between the way a device like an ipod works and any other music device,
the many other music devices often have advantages over ipods even, (not being tied to itunes or one device one PC etc). but Ipods still sell... why? because they are cool. they are a must have item.
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