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Default How much of a difference is there between these two cpus?

I have an Intel Pentium D 2.80 GHz Dual Core CPU SL88T that I pulled from a Dell that somebody spilled liquid on top of the unit and it trickled down and I think got the motherboard. I got it to boot once and that was it. The CPU looks good with no signs of damage. I am trying to build a cheap system to replace my laptop I was going to use this Motherboard

And this cpu:

My question is how much of a difference in speed is there between the Intel Pentium D and Intel E6300? Also the Pentium D will fit in this MOBO right? And if there is damage to my CPU (the old one) is there anyway it can mess up the MOBO?

It would save me a decent amount of money to reuse the old chip. I am just looking for a little of an upgrade from my laptop for occasional microsoft flight simulator use.

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