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Default TV Tuner for LCD TV

Iíd like to ask your support in a few questions:
- My TV has three SCART but also a VGA input, the TV (Sony KF-60SX300K, rear-projection LCD TV from 2005), can display 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels.
- I have a Pinnacle TV Rave (2003) analog TV Tuner Card in my PC: I observed that if I connect my satellite receiver (SD) or DVD player to this Card through S-video cable and then my PC to TV via VGA cable, the picture on TV of any TV channel is better than connecting the satellite receiver/DVD player to TV via SCART cable.
- To avoid using PC, I borrowed an external (standalone) TV tuner called Items ITV-901 TV Box 1680 and connected via different type of connections the videoplayer, DVD player and satellite receiver, and connected this box via VGA cable to the TV.
- I used Dscaler for the PC TV card, I donít managed to get a much better picture than Pinnacleís one. I also tried MPC+ffdshow, but it is complicated using and maybe my 1.4 GHz Pentium 4 single core PC is not enough to help improve picture
- The PC TV card and external one produced aproximately same quality image. But, I saw on the net the products listed below:
1. AverTV BoxW9 Plus, from Avermedia
2. Video to VGA PC/HDTV Scaler from Maplin
3. Ultra Video to DVI VGA Converter Scaler~1280x1024 Pixels Digital Out from Ambery (US)

Question: I decided to watch live tv and recorded shows by using an external TV box, but I think Items TV Card I tested is an old and not too performant device. What is your advice: which one of the three (or other) device I should buy, in order to get out maximum of the 1024x768 TV? The upscaling promises advertised for these devices will actually improve from 576i to 1024x768 the picture quality? Is Leadtek or other device better than Avermedia I mentioned, I mean in regard of upscaling to 1024x768? I think Ambery device (third in my list) is the best, do you know, does it have an European distributor?

HD content: the HD videoclips (720p, 1080p, .264) I download from internet to PC, I can watch via VGA cable on the TV screen. The quality of image is very good, almost HD. I suppose the TV downscales the image to 1024x768, but is still really good. But I donít understand something: despite the TV is not progressive, how is possible that these progressive clips I can watch on it??? I connected my satellite receiver via component cable to the Items external TV tuner, from tuner the signal went through VGA cable to TV set. I tried to see HBO HD at 720p but as mentioned TV not being progressive I could only get 576i via component cable. So I am confused, why from sat-receiver I cannot send progressive image but directly from PC storage device yes...

Your advices are highly appreciated, thank you!
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