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Default Hi guys, doing some optimizing.

Hey guys, it's christmas time, and i'd like to treat myself to some new parts.

I did some research and I read that 64bit Vista Home Premium can
access up to 16GB RAM, is that true?

If so, would I benefit from having more than 4GB RAM?

I'd like a new graphics card too, any suggestions?
I'm thinking Geforce 9600 or 260GTX or something..

I'm going to buy some parts or something to optimize my system for
gaming or something to that extent..

Here are my specs, if you need any other specs let me know..

HP (a6700y)
9150e Quad-Core Processor 1.80 GHz (Is this good for gaming?)
Vista Home Premium(SP1) 64bit OS
nVidia GeForce 9500GT

Is there a SP2 out?
If so, should I get it?
(Sometimes thes updates mess with gamers' PCs)

I used CPUid, it has alot of stuff about my clocks, but i'm not too familar with any of that.

So, any suggestions/compatibility ect?

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