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Default Re: case fan stay on

Originally Posted by biddaum42 View Post
Noticed the other day that my kids computer after turning it off the case fan stays on, but will turn off if you hit the power switch on the power supply.
How are you turning the computer "Off" If you're just holding the power button it could be going into a sleep or hibernate mode, cause the fans to stay on. But if you turn the power supply back on with the main switch the computer will boot up.What's the main switch? The switch on the Power Supply or the normal button? When you do power the computer down it does turn off, the monitor turns off but the no video signal is on. Do not know if this will be a motherboard issue of power supply. How do test it?
I'm confused. You're saying that when you turn the computer off it shows on the monitor no video signal. If that's the case that's normal, because the computer is off. Actually the monitor may not turn off, it might just go into a standby mode. It only turns off when you physically hit the power button on the monitor.
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