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Thread: Newbie Question
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Default Re: Newbie Question

from what it says here you can have 1 pci express x16 1.0 slot. so that means you can use any of the new video cards out but without the double bandwidth.. which means it wont run at its full potential but it will still run pretty close... but ya you can use any video card out now from what it seems.. but what you are running now is a very obsolete card and its built into your motherboard.... here is a place where you can look at prices and what video cards you can get.. it ranges from alot of prices. id say get the geforce 9 series or higher. but its totally up to you and your price range.. heres teh website...

just look through all those pages and see which one best fits you... when you decide ill help you see if its good.. it could also be your cpu is a little slow but that would be cause your motherboard is fairly old... so you would ahve to do alot of new things if you want good computer.
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