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Default Re: Buying new system ....but which one!?!?! (i5 vs i7)

Based on what Intel has released. I would go for the I7. They say they are releasing their hexa-cores on the 1366 platform. And I'm also not sure if Intel purchased the rights to SLI on their P55 chipset. I know they did for the SkullTrails and the X58's. All in all, I'd go with the I7. Gives you that "top dawg" feeling

Though I can't exactly say the GTX 260 is better than the 4890. Depends on which 260 you get (black edition - XFX, Core 216 - EVGA and many others) or just the standard which has 192 stream processors. Get a Core 216 stock and OC it up. You could even grab an EVGA X58 SLI and put three of those GTX 260 Core 216's in SLI :O
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