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Default Re: Helping finding a gaming computer.

Originally Posted by Whyfly?? View Post
Some quick questions if I may..
Will you consider building your own?

Depends what you mean by building. If you mean like selecting different parts at a website and they build the final piece, then yes.

Do you want a sexy case, but downgrade on performance to fork out cash for case?

I don't care if the case is a massive pile of dog sh*t. Purely want it for extreme performance.

Do you want the best performance with a case that will cool nicely, but be ugly? Or do you want best of both worlds?

Best performance with a good cooler. Like I said, it doesn't really matter about the case.

Can you go over budget whatsoever?
What games do you want to play? As said before on one game you could be getting 120 FPS and on a game like Crysis, maybe like 10.

Probably 450 would be my max. The games I play are Star Wars Galaxies, which has a max of 30 FPS but can you mods to make it go faster, DragonBall Online when it's out and Star Wars The Old Republic when it comes out, too. So it's basically MMOs I play.
Thanks mate
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