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Default Re: i7 vs PS3 "Cell"

Originally Posted by j03 View Post
But if the Cell processor is both the GPU and the CPU, then why would it make any difference if it was Video Memory or "Main" memory?

AFAIK, The only way to accurately measure the speeds of two processors (unless they are the same model) is by getting the speed in FLOPS

Various sources say that Sony claim that the PS3's Cell Processor could reach 2TFlops, HOWEVER, it's limited to 1/10th of that due to the memory, and so is capable of 200GFlop's. Whether or not this is TRUE, I am not sure.

According to intel (

i7-965: 51.20 GFLOPS
i7-940: 46.88 GFLOPS
i7-920: 42.56 GFLOPS

So, if what both Sony and Intel are saying, in terms of RAW Computing Power, the PS3 is more capable. However, for non-number crunching use, I'd wager that an i7 is much more powerful. is pretty interesting. However, if the Cell Processor is in effect the CPU and the CPU, then only the CPU is listed for the XBOX 360 - So the OVERALL power of the Xbox 360 (And all of the other consoles, other than the PS3) will be greater than what is listed on that page.
the ps3 split mem tho is soldered on the gpu tho
like only the 7800gtx gpu the ps3 uses as its main gpu
can use that 256 whole the cell and what ever else can only use 256
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