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Default Re: i7 vs PS3 "Cell"

ive read multiple accounts on ps3/vs xbox power
and the thing is the way there designed is so different
but whats funny is a lot of the architect that went into the cell actually went into the 3 core xbox because ibm designed it
ps3 is kinda like a hybrid cpu gpu from what i understand and it has these cores that rnt really full cores
and altho were goo at calculations for certain things such as rendering they arent as good for other things such a physics and other complex things cpus are more designed to do
so really when you ask developers which is better there going to say there about equal both have there ups and downs but need to be programmed completely differently
now where the ps3 has a big edge is the gpu
nvidia 7800>ati 1650
but a spot where the xbox has the edge is the way memory is distributed
the ps3 has 256 main and 256 video
while the xbox has 512 main which can be used buy any compoinent
plus 10mb of gpu only mem
so even tho it doesn't seem like a big deal to a developer the ability to use different amounts of ram in different times is a big advantage to have
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