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Default Re: **New Build Guide**

Originally Posted by h0wl0ngcanitbe View Post
Hey guys im new to this site and I have a very specific build I need help with. Ive built a few comps myself in the past and know my way around things pretty well cause im good at following direction but am no true genius when it comes too all the little nuances of compatibility.

My question is this. For my next builds I want four monitor outputs. Im not too picky about the hardware im a fan of AMD, Asus, mobos, and corsair memory for no particular reason other then thats what I know. Any suggestions would be great. Oh yeah and im building from the ground up so ill need case in all I know that the vid card might have some size limitations so those suggestions would be great too.

Price is not a huge issue but I am a natural consumer so that being said I do like to keep things reasonable for the sake of practicality.

Thanks for any put

You'll get more of a response if you make a New Thread.
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