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Default Re: How to restore from XXClone

I have no experience with XXClone, but all the cloning software I've used works like this:
Run the cloning app from a bootable CD or USB flash drive and create an image file. For example, select C:\ and set to create an image file called "Cdrive.img". The file extension used will depend on the cloning software being used. To restore, boot from cloning app CD or USB drive again and this time select "restore image from file" or something similar. Select "Cdrive.img" and then select the partition you want to overwrite (your original C drive in this case). Once the restore process is done you should be able to reboot into your newly reimaged C drive. If you are unable to boot from the hard drive, then you'll need to boot from a CD containing partitioning software (such as Parted Magic), select the newly reimaged partition and set the boot flag (also called "set active"). This should make the partition bootable.
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