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Default Re: Building a custom pc

Originally Posted by dirtbikerac View Post
With the LEDs, sounds simple enough.

And mounting the motherboard sounds doable. I would just need holes for the usb ports, and video, audio, keyboard, mouse.

Mounting the DVD drive on the rear sounds sweet. With the door opening concealing the drive and then opening the door to show the dvd drive. But, how would I hinge the door on? Keep the door closed? How would I mount the dvd drive in place? I don't think it has to be mounted as carefully as say the hdd or motherboard, as long as the dvd drive can't move, right?

If you could explain how the power supply would work in the front. Would the power supply fan be exposed? How would I plug in the cable, if the fan is blowing out? If it is blowing in, it would just be blowing hot air in, right? If I had it blowing in, would I just have the power cable running from the front of the truck to the rear?

How should I make the trailer open? Like a normal pc case, the case has a frame, with detachable sides and top. Do you think a removable roof would be good enough? Or side? How would I make them detachable, but still sturdy when in place?

Also, what do you think the dimensions of the trailer should be? I was thinking tallest item would be the motherboard, which I believe was about 9". And wide enough for everything else.

Anyways, I think I will go over to a local computer store and look for some used parts. I plan on finding that tiny motherboard, some cheap laptop ram, and finding compatible parts for the motherboard.

Anyways, thanks again! Hopefully with your help, help of my family (and their wallet), I can build something I will keep forever. When I go to college, everyone will be jealous! hahahaha!
Yeah the doors should be able to open and close, how, I have no clue, your project!
Yeah it doesn't have to be mounted perfectly, just so it is sturdy and that it won't vibrate.
I think it would be best for the top to pop off, as the other sides have something connected to it. You could use magnets to hold them in place.
If you're going to use that computer in college, ditch those parts, those are basically the cheapest of the cheap. The fan sucks air out, it would work just how a normal power supply works.
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