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Thread: Spore
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Originally Posted by pepzsoduh View Post
ok guys i mean no offense to anyone especially u larissa,
but what if shes just some guy, who puts a picture of a sexy blond lady as there avatar and their username as "larissa" and says kisses and stuff to everyone to get special treatment, just an idea, but that would be pretty funny, and a good idea.
once again no offense to anyone, just a thought

also i played spore on my cousins computer and it was pretty good, but make sure u save everynow and then, cuz his laptop ran outta battery after i had been playing for like two hours, and i lost everything so it was really annoying. also designing the vehicles and capitals and stuff got kinda annoying
No offense taken but I assure you I am real. I was born in a country called Moldova which was part of the Former Soviet Union. The photo of me is about 7 years old, when I did some modeling, so yes it is a younger photo of me. I met an American man on the Internet and we have been married and I live in the USA for over 1 year now. I studied the English langauge in my country for many years and the reason I can talk, read, and write English.

To all you single guys out there, I have some girlfriends that are looking for a foreign man if you are interested.

Kisses to all - Larisa
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