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Default Re: how high can i turn up my speakers?

Originally Posted by berry120 View Post
The "volume" control on the front of most speakers is actually usually the attenuation control for the amp, and as such without some form of limiter there (decent ones are expensive!) there physically can't be any limit. They'll usually work by cutting the signal by a given amount - at the full right hand position it'll be cut by 0, at the full left it'll be cut by (near enough) infinity. This means that given a strong enough input source you can reach full volume on quite a low setting - but obviously fire this input at it when it's turned all the way up and it'll complain. Loudly. This will be the same with pretty much anything out there though, and unless you want to get some form of limiter (there might be software ones out there I guess but I've never looked into it myself) there's not a lot you can do on the hardware side.

Berry is talking about a variable resister, or a potentiometer, just FYI
hes just tryin to sound super smart.
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