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Default Re: i need some opinions please

Originally Posted by dude_56013 View Post
Unless you haven't noticed, basically the whole WORLD runs on credit now.

Unless you want to work for a long time to save up enough for school, you don't have many options. You're going to have to put enough away past your normal bills to save up for the police academy thing or whatever, and that's going to take a long time. At least if you got a loan, you could get that OVER WITH (the academy and certification or whatnot), then get a job you actually like (police officer, obviously) and pay the rest off with that. If the academy only costs 10K total, that is like zilch compared to most loans. I mean, people get home loans upwards or 500k+
i'm not getting stuck into something... i'm not into the credit thing one bit... i've heard a little bit to many bad story's about people getting loans for school and not getting a job after and not being able to pay it off now they owe thousands and thousands of dollars... i'm just a, save up, put the money strait down kinda guy..
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