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Default Re: IAT, a prelude to a megathread.

Originally Posted by JogaBonito1502 View Post
I disagree. I think your hand eye coordination has much to do with it. In fact, I believe its factor to be proportional to the speed at which you work at. I was blazing through the test and when I slowed down and took my time (which was at the same rate I took it the first time) I was getting the answers I wanted to get. I think it plays a role, but I also agree with you that your subconscious has significant control.
It matters not how fast you work, nor how well you correspond thoughts to actions. If you want proof, wake yourself up in the middle of the night, stumble to the computer, still extremely groggy and take the test. Your hand-eye coordination will be much slower, yet you will still get the same results.

Its your mind working, not your hands. As I said before, I will write about all of this at great length quite soon. I will share with you part of a PM that I sent to 01001010.

Our brain has two modes. One is the standard, logical mode. We take time to process information and derive certain conclusion from said information.

The second mode is one that not much is known about. It is the unconscious mode. We are not aware that our brain is working in this mode, but it is. For example, when I see an African American youth, and interact with him, there are certain patters. I lean forward a bit less, stumble over certain words, laugh and smile less. This is due to my unconscious taking information that is stored in it, be it from books, movies, films, and everything else that surrounds me, and telling me to react in this fashion.

The results that you get on that test are simply the workings of that second, unconscious mode of the brain. It is an enormous mechanism, fueled by years of information that we gathered from various sources.

To change the way it functions will make much more than faster reflexes.
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