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Thread: PC or MAC
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Default Re: PC or MAC

Originally Posted by Iontheable View Post
Woah easy tiger!

In my experiences, my mac locks up just as much as my pc('s) do. Back when I used Safari, that crashed constantly! Mozilla is about %600 better on a mac IMO.

Maybe its mainly because I've used PC's for a much longer time, but I feel a lot more comfortable on them. Because I'm able to build them and essentially do more.

Nothing beats my Macbook's keyboard, its smoooooth operatin' And as far as this touch pad goes, best I've ever used and I've tested/owned several PC laptops. The dual finger vertical scroll is genius.

So while Mac has its sexy appeal and ergonomically sensible mechanics at the end of the day a PC feels like home.
What are you talking about? I do believe that we are talking about the technological merits of the computers, not about some aesthetic preferences that you have.

Besides, a Vaio's keyboard is just as smooth as a Macbook's and the dual-finger scroll is propagated on nearly every laptop that has been out in the last four years.

I can sit here and describe to you the many faults of Macs, but anyone that's worth explaining them to already probably knows them all.

Macs are good for some things, I will not deny it. They probably look more stylish than PC's and... derp. I can't think of anything else.


That being said, I do own a Macbook Pro and my mother uses a Macbook Air. Aesthetically, both Macbooks and Mac Desktops pull ahead by a mile.
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