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Default Re: Can anyone help me clean up my computer?

Sorry, this is why you don't use free Anti-virus programs. You are **** stuck if you get anything. Though lecturing won't do any good for you, spend the $50/year to get yourself protected, or ask your ISP if they provide a product as a paying customer so it's not so much of a hassle.


Step 1:
Boot up your computer in safe mode with networking

once loaded, try running any scanners you currently have on the computer to get the bug off.

If this doesn't work, try getting on the internet (still in safe mode btw)

If this works, goto and try their ActiveScan to disenfect.

Also try kaspersky's web scanner since my favorite company and most most reliable company doesn't offer a free online scanner.

If you cannot get on the internet in safe mode, goto Step 2

Step 2:
Insert your Windows XP disc

Boot from the disc

When the prompt comes up, press the related key to perform the repair function on your Windows XP partition. This will rewrite the core system files and hopefully clean up either rootkits, worms, or any other bug that is either messing your computer up, or causing your network connections to fail.

Repeat Step 1 after the Repair function
If this does not work, I would highly recommend doing a clean wipe, because at this point, you are looking at professional virus removal services which typically costs anywhere from $80-$200.
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