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Default Re: TigerDirect deals?

Atomic Rooster may be talking about me. Him and a few other people on this forum gave me advice on it. I was looking for a barebones for basic home use, faster than my intel pentium 4 3.0 ghz, and maybe some little gaming...nothing big.

Here is the one I recently got. It was on special for a little while. I got it for 343 out the door & shipped!

I cant comment on it now because I just put it together a few days ago. Then I ordered some fans for it and just got them today. It didnt come with any.

I hope to switch my OS to the new drive and power it up this weekend . Im just dreading the wonderful "Authenticity Message" when I load it on the new drive.

However, I already had a monitor, OS, and keyboard & mouse.
Dont let the OS stop you. Just get a kit and install Free Linux ubuntu or Free Windows 7 until you get little more to buy the one you want.

Also, this was the first PC I put together. Just followed directions and asked questions here. Im sure the next one I build I can do it in half the time or less.
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