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Default Re: Read if you have a NVIDIA graphics card on vista

I have had this issue intermittently for 12 months or so at least no matter what driver I use with my 9800gt. After reboot the monitor switches off and turning it back on does nothing. I have to keep hitting the reset switch until it eventually works. Only happens very ocassionally but is still enough to make you avoid doing reboots. Sometimes it doesn't come back and i have to disconnect monitor and power for 10 mins and then it boots fine. It even used to shut the monitor off a few times while watching a movie and wouldn't switch it back on until reboot. I even did a vista reinstall and loaded the driver on fresh but didn't help. My brother has the same card, monitor and Vista and he has had similar issues.
JogaBonito1502: I guess Microsoft is really not to blame. Sorry!

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