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Default How To: Customize your Windows XP/Vista/7 to make it PIMP like mine.

Final Result:

1. Go to

Download the 32bit or the 64bit release.

2. Install it.

3. Now comes the fun part, you get to choose skins. All the ladies love good skins.

This website right here is a goldmine:

I personally love the HUD.Vision v2.0 skin. However, this is purely up to your preference.

Once you download the skin, unzip it and you should have a folder. Go to wherever your rainmeter directory is. Mine is located at,

C:\Program Files\Rainmeter

Then browse to your Skins subdirectory.

Drag, or copy and paste your HUD.Vision folder in.

4. If rainmeter is already running, restart it. If not, just start it up.

You should have a raindrop in your taskbar.

5. Right click on it, go to configs, then to whichever config you are using. Select the gadget you want, and if you did everything correctly it should be on your desktop. Drag it where you want, and do it for the rest of the gadgets.

5a. You can download as many skins as you want and mix and match configs from both.

6. Now you need an awesome dock. Docks get you mad amounts of sex.

Go to:

Download it, and start it up.

7. Make sure it runs on startup.

8. Drag all the programs that you would like onto it. Make sure you have all your programs there, as well as your most often used directories.

9. Download custom icons because you have to have those to be a true gangster.

Stick them in here: C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Icons

9a. Right click on the icons in your RocketDock, go to Icon Settings and then choose whatever pimptastic icon you downloaded.

10. Then download some ghetto ass docklets. I recommend the stacks docklet, if a woman sees that you have the Stacks Docklet, she will have sex with you.

11. Pick out a bitchin' wallpaper.

I recommend this website:

12. If you have Windows 7, download this watermark remover:

13. Hide that godawful Windows Taskbar. Just right click on it, go to options and then auto-hide or something like that, I don't really know whatever get off my back.

14. BAM, all the ladies are at your command with your new ill desktop.
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