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Default Re: Having trouble using G-Parted Live CD

Originally Posted by C E Jones View Post
I'm trying to use the G-Parted Live CD to partition my HDD but when it comes up the text is completely impossible to read. Just tiny little dots on the screen. I tried changing resolution but this did nothing. Is there another way to use G-Parted, like an intuitive command-line format. Or is there another graphics setting I can try that I didn't see in the menus? I realize this may be because I'm using a plasma TV, but I don't have an alternate monitor.
Try getting to your native resolution. Plasma TV's are known to have odd resolutions, and very low resolutions compared to their size. That's most likely your issue here. You might be able to make the fonts bigger, although I'm unsure of this as I've never actually had to use G-Parted.
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