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Default Re: The Member photos

Originally Posted by Lord Kalthorn View Post
Greathanc is a fictional country that occupies all of the land of Antarctica and up to the extent of the Summer Ice Packs surronded by Walls in a perfect Anti-American Centralist Paradise.

In my story America and Japan and India join in an Axis of Evil to take over the world; they take over all of the world before Greathanc has a Revolution and goes against the Axis; becoming a target. There is a mighty battle in the Antarctic Ocean which the Americans win helped by the Japanese and Indians against the heavily outnumbered Greathanic Fleet. Then the Americans land and have a mighty battle lasting many days on the plains that now are Ice or very cold Water. Then the Greathanic Armies win; and the Americans pushed out of the Antarctica Ocean. In just one year Greathanc is out of the problems that Democracy plunged it in during a brief but nonetheless devestating Capitalist Stage and is ready to go into all-out War with America to bring peace to the World and Independence to all the Countries within it. After 152 Years of War Greathanc wins; taking Washington and startiong the Provisional Government to control the Americans until the problem is sorted out by the UN.

Lord Tiberius S. Kalthorn is the Lord Marshal of the Imperial Greathanc Military - the only person to live through the entire war from start to finish. The story is mainly about his journey through the Wars to become Lord Marshal from the innocent age of 16 as a Private to the very respectable age of 168 as Lord Marshal (24 Ranks above!) where he takes the surrender of President George Bush III in Washington. He dies only 12 years later after serving as Emperor of Greathanc for 11 Years and Writing his Memos for the last 1 year of his life.

A short question; often deserves a long and boring answer! The story so far is actually only about 5 times longer than that explanation!
Who the hell is this guy?
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