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Thread: Car woofer
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Default Re: Car woofer

Originally Posted by ArrizX View Post
Ive never had one of my own blow on me -- I'm smarter then that. So I obviously know a bit more then you already.

But i helped a friend blow his (yes, a sealed box) and you bet your ass we smelt it.

You probably didnt power yours to death, probably clipped the shit out of it. Those I can see why you wouldnt smell it in a sealed box.

Just cause its a "3k rms" amp doesnt mean your pushing 3k.

Do you realize what it takes in a car to run 1k? Properly? Much less 3k? There is no chance in hell you were, I want pictures of 0awg runs and aftermarket 200+ amp alt and dry cell battery. Brand of amp? Subs? No one smart runs 3krms sealed. Because at that stage your quality of sealed is nothing and the objective is loudness. There is nothing quality about 3krms.
rofl you want to see the pics of my 0gauge wire? okay, ill be more than happy to take pics of the high output alternator, the big 3 upgrade, the optima yellow top battery, and i was running 2 hifonics 1608D's which push 1500watts rms @ 1 ohm (even though they say 1600 there overrated a lil) subs were pioneer premier ts-w3001d2's one amp to each woofer... i also had a amp for my highs... a kicker 400.4 and pioneer 4-way 6x9's and 6 1/2's... i had a volt meter installed and it wouldent drop past 12volts when i was bumping it... lol you think im making this up i bet lmao everyone in my town wanted my system because they said they always heard it louder than theres and saw my roof flexing... i had roof flex, trunk flexed about a inch in and out, the windsheild would move, windshield wipers, doors were flexing in and out, windows, fenders, bumper, and if you read right you would read when i said when i was running 3k watts i was ported... aka NOT SEALED
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