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Default Re: I'm about to go crazy (in the process of building a PC)

Originally Posted by worshipme View Post
When you say the card is not running, do you mean the fan is not spinning?

Unless the PCI-E power connectors are not connected properly or the card doesn't have a good connection through the slot, I would say the card is faulty.

Make sure you try it in a different PCI-E slot first if your motherboard has one.
Yeah, the video card fan is not turning. At first I didn't feel anything coming out of the video card exhaust at the back of the computer so then I opened the case up and found that the card's fan (it's a fairly large one seeing as how it's a big card) was not spinning at all.

So needless to say the monitor was saying "No VGA signal" and then when I clicked a button it said "No DVI signal"

I'm almost certain the PCI-E power connectors are fitting well since they don't feel loose and I didn't have to force them into there but I will go back and check.

The base of the video card is flush with the right PCI-E port and it seems right because it looks like it's the way it's supposed to fit. I didn't have to force anything or anything like that.

It's in there securely...everything just seems right, even the RAM, HD, CD drive, etc. but I'll go back and make sure it really is.

When you say try it in a different PCI-E slot do you mean in the secondary SLI one?

Because my motherboard has a full speed PCI-E slot and a PCI-E 8x slot for the second card, since it supports ATI crossfire...

I just removed and plugged the video card back in. It simply has to be seated correctly and the same goes for the 2 six pin PCI-E connectors giving the card power. They're in there nice and sturdy. When I plug it in I'm still getting the same problems: no signal. Everything else power ups (CPU fan spins, I can hear the HD spin, and the CD drive blinks a few times, all that)

So here's the problem(s):

Is it a problem with the video card?
Or is it a problem with the motherboard/CPU? (I'm worried it might be this simply because I can't hear any BIOS beeps).

I'm using a DVI cable but I don't think that's the problem. I've made sure the connection is good between the monitor and the cable plugged into the back of the card and I don't see any problems there.

I'm beginning to worry if I've wasted all my money here trying to do it myself...
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