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Default Re: How do you get html files onto the internet?

Originally Posted by burn420 View Post
Vampist - lol... I kinda figured that out.. But prior to Wamp, it was known as a WAMP server (Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP/Perl/Python; this of course was not installed in one simple package) similar to a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP/Perl/Python) which is what I run; of course this are not packaged in one single package.
There isn't "a wamp server in one program" all "wamp" is, is a software bundle.

No sh*t it's hosted at
And it's not called wamp server, never was. It's wampserver.
Lamp is the original idea from which wampserver built from.
All it is, is a software bundle bro..

It's just the os letter with amp. Which an apche, mysql, php / perl / python bundle.

If you want to keep listing facts I can do this all day dude.. Hell it's already done for you pretty much..

Now stop talking so I can help clark if he ever decides to come back.
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