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Default Re: My Tutorial Site

Originally Posted by Daeva View Post
Your best bet is to check another tutorial website's TOS and use it as a template.

Also, these links may help you:

These should get your started on a template, and then you can change the verb-age as necessary.

Hope that helps, I hate the legal side of web-development.

Also nothing is wrong with using a CMS (I use many of them). They guy who gets the business and knows his stuff is the guy who can fix the CMS when it does something the customer doesn't like. . Generic CMS applications are well suited for this type of thing. I think the fundamental element you need (speaking in general, not about you specifically) is an intellectual curiosity and a general love of problem solving, thats what gets you far. <-- Just my two cents.

Thanks a bunch! I'm definitely going to start working on a TOS soon!

It seams this topic has gotten way out of hand. XD Oh well. I'm done replying to burn420. Thanks for those who helped me out!
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