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Default Overclocking E8500 (Temp, Multi)

I've spent the last few days trying to overclock my E8500 on my Biostar I45. The CPU is under a Xigmatek 1286 with crappy push pins. I haven't got around getting the bolt through kit, and I'm not sure high secure these push pins are right now (bent one of the pin tips and had to bend it back). Right now, I'm at 3915 Mhz (460MHz*8.5x) at 1.285V running Prime95 15 minutes stable (still going). The temperature is maxing at 59C. Is this too high? I know it may be within the limits of the CPU but will it degrade the processor, or is it safe enough? I'm looking to get 4Ghz, so thats why I'm wondering.

I've been reading around a few places, and some places say that lowering the multi and raising the FSB will actually decrease real world performance, and I was wondering if there is any truth to this. I want the most out of memory and my CPU.

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