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Default Re: Just lost my job

Originally Posted by Cabbs View Post
That's horrible. You think they could have at least given you a warning. The economy doesn't seem to be going easy on anyone though. My dad runs a small surplus store and lately things have been going slow. We've been cutting employee hours more and more just trying to save money.
It sucks really badly. I remember when my dad had to close all of our business' and sell our houses. We lost a lot of money. It's been pretty much downhill since then.

Originally Posted by PokerDegenerate View Post
Yeah losing a job sucks... Especially in this economy since everyone is looking for work... I wish you the best...
Thanks a lot! I'll be on Left 4 Dead a lot, haha.

Originally Posted by Deathbank View Post
Btw, what stuff are you planning on selling here? I hope you don't have to get rid of that awesome gaming rig of yours. That would definitely be tragic.
All of my guitars, amps and I guess I'll have to put my gaming rig up for sale if it comes to it. I really only keep this computer for editing.
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