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Thread: AirCrack?
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Default AirCrack?

I don't THINK this is violating this rule. Of course if it is totally ignore this
 (A) Do not ask for or offer activation codes for software. Also asking for or offering instructions for breaking in to web sites, e-mail, message services, or software is against forum policy. (B) Asking for links to Bit Torrents, example where to get recent episodes of television shows etc. Your account can be disabled at the moderator's discretion for violating this policy.
I am trying out AirCrack just for sh*ts and giggles. I know on I-hacked they have an article saying that the asus eee 1000 allows injection does the 1000HE allow it?

What driver do I download? I already have the original driver installed. I am running XP and no I don't want to switch to linux just for this.. Although I am thinking of going to BackTrack.
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