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Default Windows Remote Assistance Issue! Help Needed! Please Help!

First off, sorry if I put this in the wrong section, but I think it's right. Anyway, here is my problem. I am at college right now and often have to help my family with their home computer. I've done remote assistance in the past. However when we went to use it today, he sent the invitation just fine, I accepted it, and the screen started to pop up okay (on both my screen and his). Then the problem started. His screen just immediately dissapears and my screen comes up with an erorr stating something like "the person you are trying to help may already be running remote assistance or may not be at the computer" (both of which I know are wrong). I have all firewalls and antivirus disabled on both machines, and so I don't know what's blocking the connection. I have also tried two different networks on my end and so I know that's now the problem. Please help me solve this issue!

Many thanks and please help quickly!
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