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Default Re: socket 939 cpu's


I'm looking at Opteron 185's and FX60's at the moment for my set up.

I don't know where your looking and what the exchange rates are but I cannot get a new ASUS AM2+ Board, Phenom CPU and RAM for 150!!!!

My friend brought a bundle, Athlon 5000, very cheap 1GB RAM and a very cheap board from Maplin and my set up with an OC'd Opteron 165 beat his set up all day long.

I'd much rather spend 150 on the best CPU for my board than buy a slower new set up for the same price.

So thats probably why people buy second hand 939 CPU's and as long as the demand is there the prices will be high-ish although I do agree that some sellers are blatently over-pricing them.

Originally Posted by pud View Post
I guess its because some dumbnuts' will so no everyone must.
Show a dumbnut a brand new Phenom CPU, Crucial Ballistix Memory and an ATX SLI/XFire ASUS motherboard for the same price as an FX 60.
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