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Default Re: External Master DVD drive

Originally Posted by Colin2238 View Post
yea ive been looking at them but none say nething about being able to INSTALL games and such lol. He has a warrantied dell laptop XPS so i told him to deal with them but says since hes in iraq he wont get the laptop back for like 2 months and any other he buys and puts in voids his warranty.

Thats why hes asking about a external lol. I dont know if its just common knowledge that they DO allow installing of software on these externals but i just didnt know and nothing i was reading about it said it would.

So i guess if i buy one of these externals they have all the same features and can do everything the internal one can do like burn, rip, install? I shoulda been more smart about the question hehe

And thanks again for the help much appreciated
They work just like any other drive, but they can be a bit slower.
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