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Default Re: Webcam choppy using GMA 4500MHD

Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 - Review
The integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam delivered mediocre video. Using Lenovo’s EasyCapture software, video was generally washed out—even after reducing the brightness and boosting saturation—and motion was blurry. Because of the reflective screen we found the webcam generally better in low light than in natural light. It worked decently in a video call over Skype, although our caller mentioned that we looked a bit washed out.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 Review
The IdeaPad also comes with Lenovo’s Easy Capture software which is essentially the PC version of iPhoto and with only the 1.3 M pixel camera is ok at best. ‘Still’ photos look decent but videos and motion is choppy and blurry.
Looks like your webcam is living up to the reviews.
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