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Default Re: Can't Decide on a processor!!

Originally Posted by Techmaster05 View Post
Rohan their is a difference between the core 216 and 280, both can be overclocked pretty good, and very easily if you get the evga versions. If you look, a lot of people that have over the core 216 switched to 280's, the price difference is not large and the performance is a bit better. I would not go with a 295 because its dual GPU, No dual GPU card has been completly fluent with drivers and performance yet (note the 9800GX2 and somewhat 4870x2).
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Theres only 3-10 FPS difference
Cheapest EVGA (because you are talking about EVGA) Graphics cards on Newegg.
EVGA 260 216 cores - $230
EVGA 280 $370

Thats over $100 in difference for 3-10 FPS. People that have switched might have not thought of through completely or you are making things up.
If you dont want 295 because its an Dual GPU, then you are you talking about SLI? its basically the same exact thing, SLI just takes more room, cause more heat, and maybe take more power.

Originally Posted by JogaBonito1502 View Post
Teny, here's the thing though. If you get a 940 would you keep it at stock speeds? Maybe while you learn how to OC it...the same way you can OC a 920 you can OC a 940 so the problem isn't there.

By the way, speculations are that the 940 will OC to 3.3GHz and maybe more.
That is true and i agree with you, but does that justify the $300? I guess thats up to the OP
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