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Default Re: Need opinions on future build

Originally Posted by worshipme View Post

This is why:

He wants to get the most for his money, and he wants it mainly for gaming. In that case, the Phenom IIs perform great in games, and he could save an immense amount of money.
Yeah I gotta agree here if he was using it for editing or encoding I would definitely say go with the I7 but for gaming if he wants to save money there isn't really going to be a big difference between the Phenom II and the I7...Especially if he gets the Phenom II 940 B.E. which has an unlocked multiplier...But I guess that really doesn't matter much if he isn't planning to OC it....But bang for the buck I would recommend the Phenom over the I7 considering how expensive the boards and Ram is right now.....

Also If he is not planning on building this for a few months this whole thread might be useless to him then because I believe that the AMD AM3's are coming out in February sometime and we still haven't seen those yet...The only thing about those is that they might be close to the I7 in price since you need an AM3 board and DDR3 Ram.

But its all about personal preference if he wants to go with the I7 and has the money go for it but if he really wants to save some $$$ then AMD has what he is looking for for cheaper...
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