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Default Re: Need help overclocking my Q6700

Originally Posted by esa193 View Post
what are your temps under full 100 % load
download prime 95 and run it for 10-15 mins

you can most likely hit 3ghz just by bumping up the fsb so you wont need much more wattage and your temperatures will not increase that much ether as were not bumping up the voltage
well im not sure how to bump up the fsb, remember ive never done anything like that, never entered my bios and stuff.

Well my temps got pretty hot lol and they kept on rising so i didnt want to run it for about 10-15 min, i ran it for around 5 minutes and this is what i got.

Core 0: 65C
Core 1: 65C
Core 2: 63C
Core 3: 64C

Looks like ill be needing a better CPU Cooler to, maybe cause its not like i run the CPU at 100% all the time.

Originally Posted by wol-va-rine View Post
you may find that the Q6700 doesn't "need" to be OCed depending on what you'll be running, it's a good cpu...
ya i know its a good CPU, i just want the extra juice
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