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Default Need help overclocking my Q6700

I have no experience in overclocking CPU's, just to get that out their. I have never done it before, but their is a first time for everything. I currently own an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700. My stock speed is 2.66Ghz with a stock cooler, my temps are:

Core 0: 38C
Core 1: 38C
Core 2: 34C
Core 3: 35C

a little bit lower when idling and around 40 under load. I want to get it up to atleast 3.0Ghz without the CPU getting to hot under load. Not sure if anybody can help me out with overclocking this CPU, i remember their was an overclocking site that was really good, just dont remember the link or name to it.

Here is some info on the CPU:

Here is my mobo:

Also does overclocking use up more watts ? right now my PSU is not very strong, but i will be upgrading to a Corsair 850TX soon.
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