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Thread: Religon Stuff
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Originally Posted by Fanatic4Christ
okay, im going to put it to you this way, what is love? having alot of care right? well God could of had made everyone strait brainwashed to love him, but is that TRUE love? no its not, he wants people to truly have love for him, when they love him and follow what he say's he'll let you have eternal life in heaven. if you choose to ignore him you'll perish for eternity in hell, simply put.
If you perish in Hell you will cease to exist, and if you cease to exist than you cant suffer.

My theory is that the bible and possible other holy books was written by a national government before 1000 B.C. for the sole purpose of starting a new religion. This religion would basically become law in a lot of countries, to reduce crime and increase obedience to the government by inducing fear of divine rule.

Nowadays religion and state are seperated, and as a result the number of "non believers" has increased dramatically
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