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Thread: graphics card
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Default Re: graphics card

Originally Posted by wol-va-rine View Post
let the game configure your settings automatically, my son plays COD4 with a P4, 2GBs DDR2 and 8600GT and the game plays decently and the graphics aren't that bad...

an 8600GT won't play Crysis, but other games would be playable, or at least they are with a 8600GT...
Does he have a 24 inch screen?

Originally Posted by StratosP View Post
The ATI HD 3850 is good, as you and I said.

Oh and deathhell77, he said his on a budget. So he doesn't need all this fancy super high crystal superior quality graphics. Just something decent, normal and not too low.
4 FPS is to low for my liking. its like someone killed my computer. Suprise. The 2 280's get 130FPS on CoD4 and 70 on crysis.
I wish you had that kind of $
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