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Default Re: PSP help with CFW, homebrew, downgrading etc...

Originally Posted by StratosP View Post
Hey, I have a PSP 2000 (slim) and I'm new to this downgrading and firmware stuff.
how old is it?
Not all PSP are downgradable, IE the 3000 series/newer 200 series. If your psp came with 4.xx+ FW, then you cant downgrade due to the new motherboard in the PSP.

Originally Posted by StratosP View Post
Everyone has all these custom firmwares (CFW) on there psp and is it a good idea to trust Team M33 (Dark_Alex) and there firmware. Or should I stick with OFW.
DA is pretty much the only hacker out there. All the downgrades and CFW are made by him, and others that arent credited. I trust them, i Downgraded like 6 PSP and use his firmwares.

Originally Posted by StratosP View Post
I want to modify my PSP like make it play ISO's and shit like that, so can I do that with OFW by Sony?
You can play ISO with OFW, but you have to buy them through the playstation network, which is around the price of the UMD. But you cant use Homebrew.

Originally Posted by StratosP View Post
If so, then how?
If not, then which CFW should I install, if I download a ported game like Quake 2 which is available to 3.xx CFW can I play it on 5.xx CFW like backwards compatibility?
Any CFW is good. As long you get them from a trusted site. I would recommend getting the latest because of the ability to play recent games, and have the extra features.
Yes, they are backwards compatible, but i dont think you can do it the other way around, like if the game requires 5.xx, and you have 3.xx, then theres a high chance it wont work.

The latest CFW i saw was 5.00 M33-4 IIRC. Right now i have 4.01 M33-3. Mainly because of the themes/opening/gameboot i chose needs that CFW. My PSP doesnt look like most. It has an PS3 opening, and machine gun firing when i load up a game, and a custom theme that doesnt look like the regular PSP theme.
I wouldnt suggest doing this unless you know what you are doing. Messing with Flash0 can brick your PSP. But if you have the Pandora, then you wont have much to worry. But its a pain reflashing your psp to CFW when you brick the PSP.

I recommend having an Pandora battery if you have an 1000 or an older 2000 series, whether you run CFW or OFW. Its great to have just in case something bad happens to updating to latest FW.
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