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Default Re: Computer won't turn on

check RAM in properly (thought if not would probs gives a speaker sound of long beeps)

check power to motherboard in correctly and you have connected alll additional power to motherboard such as 4pin's and 8 pins.

Check to see if the heatsink is seated the correct way around (sorry for belittling you but its quite often the case)- check also (or just recall) either seeing thermal paste at the bottom of the heatsink or apply thermal paste to the cpu yourself.

check GPU has power i.e 4/8pin pci-e power

finally check to make sure your psu wasnt on 240v/110v depending on where you live otherwise kaboom :P

hope it goes well any other questions do tell

also another reason might be because you have the power header switch in the wrong jumpers on the mobo, check those also check if they are the correct way around
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