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Default Re: POLL: POLL: LAWLPOLL: Favorite band?

Originally Posted by J03 View Post
sv_gravity 0

*throws deathhell77 into the air, who is never to be seen again*

rcon_password rage89;ma_ban J0 0;status

# 40 "J03" STEAM_0:0:84621795 00:28 217 1 active
# 41 "JogaBonito1502" STEAM_0:0:23894840 01:59 218 1 active

rcon banid "STEAM_0:0:84621795" "Reason: Hacksoring"

ma_votequestion "Will you miss J03?" "No" "Yes"

Console: Results vote:"Will you miss J03" "1 No" "2000 Yes"

rcon sendfile "to: JogaBonito1502" "from: C:\DOCU~\trojan.bat"

JogaBonito1502 Disconnected (Got pwned by /TTK\ŘăžΘгБĻДďэ with a virus that fries your mobo sucker!!!)
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