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Question laptop shuts off on own :(

my laptop has recently (last 2 weeks) started shutting down all on it own. sometimes it has happened while i'm using lightroom 2.0 but recently its happening while i'm playing quake III arena while having itunes running in the background. even if i turn off itunes, it still happens.
it also happens if i'm using a lot of hungry apps such as photoshop, itunes and dreamweaver all at the same time.

it even shut off the other day when using spybot.

i'm thinking this is an overheating issue but am stumped as i used to do all of these things with my laptop for a year now and never had the problems of it turning off all of a sudden.

each time its very warm underneath but i've even got the laptop raised off the desk a few cm's as its sitting on some cardboard at the right and left edges.

could my hardware be faulty by any chance?
any ideas what this could be?

win XP PRO SP3
lenovo 3000 v100
1 gig ram (according to 'system') and it came with 1 gig of ram

i've also been running my laptop 24 / 7 the last 3 months but that shouldn't matter, should it?

any help is appreciated, thanks!
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